Hot Liner with Single Battery Powered Heating Pad - HEATJAC™

The c reflects 95% of radiant body heat and can be super enhanced by adding a battery powered heating pad. Originally designed for healthcare providers working in cold environments like operating rooms, the vest is worn under a scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown. Equally as good worn underneath a coat for toasty outdoor adventures!

  • Super Comfortable
  • The vest can be completely covered by your scrub warm-up jacket, surgical gown.
  • Heating pad powered by a 11.1 V, 2600 mAh, Li-ion Battery
  • Can be worn with or without the heating pads
  • Easily regulate the heat by  3 – Level Remote Control
  • Easy to don and doff.
  • Washable

Endorsed by Raynaud’s Association >> Read Review


  • 1 FabRoc Heating Pads
  • 1 11.1V, 2600 mAh 3-Level Remote Controlled Li-ion Batteries
  • 1  Remote FOB
  • 1 Charger
  • Temperatures and Duration

Under Scrubs

  • Temperature: 130-110 deg. F
  • Duration: 8-11 hours