Hot Liner without/with warmers HEATJAC™


Experience the ultimate warmth and comfort with the Hot Liner without/with Warmers HEATJAC™. This lightweight and super comfortable vest reflects 95% of radiant heat, making it perfect for healthcare providers working in cold environments or for outdoor activities. Customize your warmth by adding or removing air activated warmers and enjoy easy donning and doffing. The vest is washable for convenient maintenance. Discover temperature ranges of 150-120℉ and a duration of up to 18 hours under scrubs. Stay warm and cozy all day long.

The Hot Liner vest offers a range of advantages to enhance your comfort and warmth. Its lightweight and super comfortable design ensures a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day. Whether you're performing medical procedures or engaging in outdoor adventures, this vest is the perfect companion to keep you toasty and warm.

The Hot Liner can be worn with or without the air activated warmers, giving you the flexibility to customize your level of warmth. By adding or removing the air activated warmers into the six inside pockets, you can easily regulate the heat according to your preference. Stay comfortable and cozy by adjusting the number of warmers used.

Experience temperature ranges of 150-120℉ when wearing the Hot Liner under scrubs. This optimal temperature range provides the perfect balance of warmth without compromising mobility and comfort. Enjoy up to 18 hours of continuous warmth, allowing you to focus on your tasks or outdoor activities without distraction.

Invest in the Hot Liner without/with Warmers HEATJAC™ and discover the ultimate solution for staying warm and comfortable. Embrace the lightweight design, customizable heat, and easy maintenance for an exceptional experience. Stay warm and cozy all day long, no matter the environment or activity.


  • Body heat reflective vest is lightweight & super comfortable
  • Can be worn with or without the air activated warmers
  • Easily regulate the heat by increasing or decreasing the number of air-activated warmers used.
  • Easy to don and doff.
  • Washable
Temperatures and Duration (Under Scrubs)
  • Temperature: 150-120 deg. F
  • Duration: 18 hours