Freeze no mORe Transformer - HEATJAC™


Introducing the Freeze no mORe Transformer - HEATJAC™, the ultimate heated garment system designed to keep you toasty and warm in any cold working environment. Whether you're in an operating room or office, this unique system ensures maximum heat production for unparalleled comfort.

The Freeze no mORe Transformer - HEATJAC™ is engineered to produce more heat than any other product on the market. It utilizes three heating pads housed in a simple belt, creating a wearable radiator that keeps you warm throughout the day.

Powered by a simple transformer, this heated garment system offers reliable and efficient heating performance. The heating pads, powered by the transformer, provide consistent warmth to combat the cold.

With a temperature range of 160-100℉, you can customize the level of heat to your preference. Whether you need intense warmth or a more moderate temperature, the Freeze no mORe Transformer - HEATJAC™ has you covered.

The best part? The duration of heat is infinite, ensuring that you stay warm for as long as you need. No more worrying about running out of heat during your work shift or tasks.

The Freeze no mORe Transformer - HEATJAC™ includes a belt with insulating pads, three heating pads, a transformer (12V, 7.5A), a 15ft US power cord, a temperature controller with 4 levels, and suspenders for added convenience and comfort.

Stay cozy and comfortable in any cold working environment with the Freeze no mORe Transformer - HEATJAC™. Experience the power of this unique heated garment system and enjoy the warmth of a wearable radiator. Stay warm throughout the day with customizable temperature settings and infinite heat duration.