Hot Liner Starter Kit for Raynaud’s Sufferers


Discover the ultimate garment for Raynaud's sufferers with the Hot Liner Starter Kit. This innovative kit includes a HOT LINER vest that reflects 95% of radiant heat and can be supercharged with air activated warmers. Originally designed for medical personnel in cold environments, it's perfect for wearing underneath a coat to keep you warm during outdoor activities. Enjoy super comfort, easy heat regulation, and the convenience of washability. Get the starter kit with 4 air activated warmers and experience long-lasting warmth for up to 18 hours under a coat. Endorsed by Raynaud's Association.

The Hot Liner Starter Kit, the ultimate garment designed specifically for Raynaud's sufferers. Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort with this innovative kit that combines the HOT LINER vest and air activated warmers. Originally developed for medical personnel in cold environments, the Hot Liner is now the go-to solution for staying toasty warm during outdoor activities.

The Hot Liner vest is engineered to reflect 95% of radiant heat, providing exceptional insulation. It can be conveniently worn underneath a coat, ensuring maximum coverage and protection from the cold. Whether you're going for a walk, engaging in winter sports, or simply running errands, the Hot Liner keeps you warm and comfortable throughout.

One of the key advantages of the Hot Liner Starter Kit is its versatility. The vest can be worn with or without the air activated warmers, depending on your desired level of warmth. The starter kit includes four air activated warmers to get you started, providing long-lasting heat for up to 18 hours under a coat.

Regulating the heat is effortless with the Hot Liner. Simply increase or decrease the number of air activated warmers used to achieve your desired level of comfort. Experience personalized warmth tailored to your specific needs.

Putting on and taking off the Hot Liner is a breeze, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Plus, the vest is washable, allowing for easy maintenance and hygienic use.

The Hot Liner Starter Kit is endorsed by the Raynaud's Association, a testament to its effectiveness in providing relief for Raynaud's sufferers. Don't let the cold weather limit your activities. Stay warm, comfortable, and protected with the Hot Liner Starter Kit.

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Temperatures and Duration (Under a Coat):

  • Temperature: 150-120℉
  • Duration: Up to 18 hours of continuous warmth

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